A green thinking, meat free, gluten & wheat free kitchen dedicated to producing nutritious meals for the gorgeous people of Cape Town.


The original food guys since 2010. Guilt free, pure food.


We are THE WHOLE EARTH KITCHEN, our name reflects the wholeness of our food and the global inspiration we thrive on. We are proud to be part of Cape Town’s vibrant food community, striving to create nutritious, healthy meals, unique in concept and taste. We believe quality will become more important as food becomes more expensive, and that demand for vegetable protein will continue to increase. Our aim is to educate people regarding these sources through our “no bad guys” vegetarian and vegan dishes.


We hope you enjoy your visit.


Your food is delish!  Only just discovered your range so excited to eat my way through your offerings! 

Such beautiful fresh healthy food! I will be your number 1 customer. Chandre L

Vegan cottage pie is concrete proof that healthy food needn't taste like punishment. Rochelle A
David Gimpel
Great products BTW. I've been a vegetarian for 27 years, and your prepared meals are probably the tastiest, freshest and most original veg "fast food" I've found in SA that are readily, commercially available. David G